Mom! Get off the Wifi, I’m Trying to Play Xbox!

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We’ve all been there. Maybe not with an Xbox, but certainly we have experienced the challenges that come with limited bandwidth and poor internet connection. You put your router in your bedroom, and yet somehow, despite your house not resembling a Kardashian mansion, your connection doesn’t seem to reach to the living room.

These troubles are annoying enough as it is when all you are trying to do is catch up on the season finale of your favorite show from the comfort of your own home. But what happens when your internet fails you when and where you need it the most – at work? You have 20 minutes left to submit a highly important deliverable or you lose a bid, your partner company doesn’t receive their needed item on time, no matter your specific role and circumstance, we can suffice – you end up with your boss at your desk none too happy. Coffee in hand. Office space… “We are going to need you to work this weekend.”

Meet 1Path Internet.

It might seem silly to tell you that it’s the answer to all your problems, but it kind of is. Your #1 priority is to keep you up and running. Down time costs money, and let’s face it, between the economy, a world-wide pandemic, and inflation that is blowing up around us like a bouncy house we weren’t quite ready for – who has the money to pay for downtime?

With 1Path Internet, we believe in creating a strong foundation on which to build. I could type and type until my fingers fell asleep (or I fell asleep) about the benefits of a fiber-based service with round the clock support but frankly, my typing fingers are my money makers and my keyboard isn’t at all comfy, so I won’t.

What I will do is throw a lot of fancy buzzwords at you and let you be the decision-maker (also because I am super proud and would be wearing a “1Path Internet” t-shirt right now, did they exist).

If you take away four things from this ramble, they are these:

  • D.I.A. – It stands for Direct Internet Access, you probably already knew that. D.I.A sets you up with a full team of experts to keep you online and on-point any time of day or night. Can’t sleep thinking about global warming and how the sun is just a giant star that is swelling and will one day engulf the whole universe? Me too. Good thing you have 1Path internet to provide you the support to keep you productive no matter the hour. On the flip side, nothing to put you back to sleep like deciding to stay awake and get some work done.
  • IP Peering – With IP Peering, you cut down on the stops data needs to make to get to its final destination. Just like that last road trip you took to Disney World (take a moment to stare horrified into the abys…back?) no one wants to make more stops than absolutely necessary.
  • Global – We took this thing world-wide (cue zoomed out shot of me speaking to you all the way to a satellite image of the globe…I don’t know…use your imagination.) 1Path Internet is international and can service sites to almost anywhere.
  • One word. Well. Three. One acronym.


Gone are the days of waiting a week to get a service call resolved. Boasting 15-minute issue notifications and next business day onsite responses…sure you can go ahead and call us Sir. Captain will work too. No matter the fire, we will be there with a firehose ready to put it out.

So, there you go. How do you keep your internet access stable? How do you trust in something you can’t speak to or see? You don’t. You trust in 1Path, and we do the rest.

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