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The Myths of Cybercrime

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No matter where you look these days cybercrime is front-page news. The “Internet-of-things” has become a digital norm and opens endless avenues for criminals to exploit. So how do we stay secure and protected in our increasingly connected world? Let’s evaluate 3 myths about cybersecurity and cybercrime, and look at ways to fight the growing threat on the digital landscape.

Myth #1: If I’m not a large corporation, hackers won’t care about me

The most news-worthy hacks are on the enterprise level. Breaches of companies like Yahoo, Sony, and Target get the most attention simply because they’re huge and harbor the data of millions. But did you know that 61% of data breach victims in Verizon’s 2017 Breach report are businesses with less than 1,000 employees? Hackers are smart, sneaky, and love to score big, but they also like things to be quick and easy.

Naive SMB’s tend to avoid investing in cybersecurity simply because they feel invisible and uninteresting. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. SMB’s have a wealth of data that is too often undervalued, and in turn underprotected.

Key takeaway: Education is the single most effective security measure. Realizing that no one is more or less of a target than anyone else will put your business on the right track to security.

Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report

Myth #2: Technology will take care of it

Customers need the right tools and systems in place to be prepared for cyberthreats, but these alone are not enough. Training employees how to detect email scams and red flags can prevent an attack before it even enters the system. To be even more effective, provide employees access to compliance training, show them processes for implementing security measures, and encourage them to enforce company policy and be advocates for it.

Key takeaway: Train staff how to identify risks, and the proper procedures should attack be successful.

Myth #3: My company lacks the money and resources for adequate security

25% of businesses close their doors after a disaster. Did that change your mind? The cost of cybersecurity may feel daunting, but the reality is the other option is far more expensive. Legal fees, damage to reputation, and loss of competitive edge are all factors that can bring a company to its knees

Key takeaway: It is estimated that over $1 trillion will be spent by 2021 on cybersecurity – be a part of that investment!

In this digital age, all businesses are at risk of cyberattack. Investing in employee education, resources, and technologies that focus on prevention and mitigation is the most effective way to be pro-active about cybersecurity.




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