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Cloud Strategy – The Trend Catching Smaller MSPs Off-Guard

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Can you afford to put off selling cloud services or having a cloud strategy?

Businesses are seeing the value of moving to the cloud, and if their “trusted IT advisors” aren’t going to help them get there, they will take matters into their own hands. Sean Vojtasko, EVP of Managed Services at 1Path, is featured in Business Solutions Magazine.

An excerpt from the article “A Warning To MSPs: On-Premises Computing Is Going Away“:

The pace of business is moving at such a rapid clip that Vojtasko doesn’t think it’s realistic for many IT providers trying to make the transition from solutions provider to services provider to go it alone. A major determining factor of whether they will continue to thrive or not has to do with their cloud strategy. “Two years after Gartner’s 2011 report was released predicting that MSPs that didn’t have a cloud strategy would be out of business by 2017, a follow-up report was released saying, ‘It’s already starting to happen.’”

Many smaller MSPs (i.e., the other 97 percent of IT solutions providers) might be tempted to think that a company like 1Path, which has such enormous bench strength from sales to technical expertise, would have very little value to offer them. But nothing could be further from the truth, says Sean Vojtasko, executive VP of 1Path, who leads the company’s managed services business. Not only does his company have helpful advice to share with smaller MSPs, but hearing and heeding his message could mean the difference between staying in business — or not.

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