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1Path Combines MFA with SSO in New SecureID Offering

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How SSO Boosts Productivity

Identity access management (IAM) is a huge challenge for businesses and their IT organizations. According to Gartner, “… by 2020, a typical small enterprise’s IAM program will span 1 million people, 10 million things and billions of relationships.” Without a structure to manage this influx of data, it becomes a challenge to scale your business.

On average, each employee has access to 25-35 different cloud applications at one time. As organizations rapidly deploy new applications, users can suffer login fatigue from juggling different credentials.

Users will find that logging into applications with separate user names and passwords for each reduces their productivity. It’s also labor intensive for the IT team in charge of provisioning, deprovisioning, and performing password resets.

Alternatively, single-sign on (SSO) provides a single, secure portal to access all apps.

Why MFA Is Table Stakes for Cybersecurity

From stolen or weak passwords to data breaches, SMBs have a responsibility to improve the security posture of their business. Of course, there is no silver bullet to prevent all threats. Even if you cannot avoid every cybersecurity attack, you can give your business a fighting chance.

Everyone dislikes changing their passwords. Are you guilty of making small, predictable changes in order to remember? Do you ever write your passwords down?

If you’re relying on password expiration to secure the infrastructure of your business, you’re in trouble. It’s a widely known fact that passwords do little to stop threat actors from gaining entry to where they shouldn’t be. In fact, Microsoft plans to drop their password expiration policies entirely due to the ineffectiveness of using a single set of credentials.

Now, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is baseline best practices for companies looking to support a complete security strategy. With a cloud-based, multi-factor authentication platform, security threats can be addressed before they become a problem. Your IT team or Managed Service Provider can easily:

  • Verify the identity of your users and the health of their devices before they connect to applications.
  • Get complete visibility into all the devices accessing your network.
  • Manage the risk of compromised devices by creating role-based policies.

With SecureID, whenever you log into your computer, you’ll receive an authentication request as a notification on your smartphone. Now, you can access all your apps from one spot without re-entering usernames or passwords. It’s simple and secure.




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