It’s difficult to watch, read or hear the news these days without learning about some type of cybersecurity incident.

From the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, to the City of Atlanta ransomware attack, to the Equifax breach, hackers are disrupting both our professional and personal lives in ways that many thought were not possible.

There are many steps that companies need to take to defend themselves, their systems and their data. Those steps, however, and the degree of cybersecurity protection required depend on the individual business’s risk assessment and tolerance.

Going through these processes can be complicated and overwhelming, leaving many businesses not knowing where to start. Even companies that have programs in place and have taken steps to improve their information security position are now left wondering if what they’ve done is right, or is enough.

Onepath has created a cybersecurity self-assessment tool to help businesses establish a baseline of their current security level and posture. The questions are around the basics – the blocking and tackling needed to establish an information security foundation. It may be just a start, but it could be that critical first step you take to get your business on a path toward cyber protection.


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