Onepath News, Cybersecurity

On October 22, 2019, Onepath had the honor of presenting on cybersecurity at UPS Capital. Onepath’s CTO Patrick Kinsella led the presentation, which focused on social engineering, phishing, and the importance of staying alert.  

“We are all potential victims, even those of us who don’t think we are,” Kinsella said. We need to build a (cyber) neighborhood watch program to watch out for each other… If something’s not right, speak up. 

The presentation also focused on MFA and SSO, which can be used to thwart attacks. MFA, or multi-factor authentication, makes it more difficult for hackers to access your accounts, whereas SSO, or single sign on, increases productivity by providing a single access portal for those accounts. Combining the two together simultaneously makes your business more efficient and more secure  

“You don’t hear 99% a lot in business these days,” said Kinsella, “but you’re 99% less likely to be compromised if you use these tools.”  

Kinsella concluded his presentation by focusing on the importance of cybersecurity testing and training. Think of how you secure your family,” he said. “Securing your home isn’t enough. We teach our children what to look out for… This isn’t just about protecting where we work. It’s about protecting ourselves and our community.” 

Given the feedback we received from the presentation, we wanted to make it widely assessible – here’s Kinsella’s PowerPoint. And if you have additional questions about cybersecurity, take a look at our Cybersecurity Master List for more information.