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The year 2020 has felt not unlike being on a roller coaster, off its tracks, on fire, and weaving through on-coming traffic. We can only hope that, as we coast into 2021, things will start to slow down and become a bit less full of pandemics, rioting in the streets, giant killer insects, etc. (do we really need to go on)?

But, even during the most peaceful of times, cyberattacks and the criminals behind them never slow down. It is best to always stay one (or 100) steps ahead. We don’t own a crystal ball, and we were never that good at reading cards, but we did some research and came up with some of the tech industry’s most valuable advice on what challenges to expect in the coming year.

The Top Four Cybersecurity Challenges of 2021

  • We learned our lesson as the fear and confusion of 2020 opened the door to cyber criminals of all kinds. Even if we are being optimistic about the coming year, it is safe to assume that we will see scams surrounding COVID vaccines, politics, return to the office paperwork, etc.
  • Remote car hijacking – yes, we are 100% serious. Ransomware may lock people in their vehicles, set the radio station to top volume Christmas music until ransom money is paid, etc. As the physical and digital worlds continue to collide and merge, we can expect to see criminals getting even more creative with their scams.
  • Work from home environments are now incredibly commonplace, and even in a post pandemic world, are most likely to continue. Technology like telemedicine and smart home electronics with internal computers are all vulnerable to attack. There is a reason that your phone always seems to know what adds to show you. You might wonder if it’s all in your head, but we assure you, it isn’t.
  • Working from home also means communicating from home. And communicating from home means audio visual technology, which is somewhat of a big, “Pick me! Pick me!” flashing signed aimed at cyber criminals. Whether its hacking the technology remotely, or merely hopping into an internal Zoom meeting unannounced and unnoticed, cybercriminals will find a way to slip through the cracks.

So What Do You Do About it?

You get the idea. The bullet points could go on and on until they fade to darkness (either because your computer died or because you fell asleep). So, how do you prevent one, or all of these happening to your company? To be honest, there is no way to be 100% safe. You can’t wrap yourself and all your employees in bubble wrap and lock everyone in a vault (well, we guess you could, but we are pretty sure that would be illegal).

But, deep breaths, don’t give up just yet.

Start here, ( to learn about the steps to take to make things so difficult for the bad guys, they simply give up and move on to the next target.

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