You Might as Well Take my Wallet While You’re at it!

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I’ll never forget being 11 years old, skipping through a European airport singing (at the top of my lungs), “I have an American passport” to the tune of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’s, “I‘ve Got a Golden Ticket.” I was quickly snatched up by my father who explained to me in a frustrated and hushed voice how dangerous it is to be yelling about whatever passport you are holding when traveling.

You see where I’m going with this. You read the URL. You clicked the link for a reason.

We are talking about SecureID.

To summarize the rest of this amusing and engaging blog in one simple sentence: Without SecureID’s Multi-Factor Authentication and Access Management policies, you might as well keep skipping through the airport, waving your passport over your head.

SecureID provides reduced downtime, and self-service password resets that eliminate support calls. It reduces your risk for compromised accounts and data loss. And if compliance is important to you, which of course it is, then the choice to move forward with SecureID is a no brainer. And if you still aren’t convinced, user management and onboarding are simplified so no complexity is added to your environment. In fact, you’ll have a central location for accessing corporate resources, and ongoing training so your users know how to identify the latest security threats.

Let’s break down some highlights:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) – No more word doc (excel sheet, notebook, sticky notes, Etch-E-Sketch) full of all your passwords. Sign in once and you’re done. A single, secure password unlocks an SSO portal for single-click access to apps for all your users.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication – What’s better than one…obviously two! Protect access to applications and infrastructure with a second authentication factor (mobile push, OTP, SMS or a hardware token).
  • Self-Service Password Reset – Advanced password reset tool using security questions or other multifactor device. You better start remembering your favorite elementary school teacher’s middle name, because a robot is definitely going to be asking you to provide it.
  • Security Awareness Training – supply your employees with the world’s largest library of security awareness training content and full automated simulated phishing attacks with thousands of templates. They thought school was over when they got their degree? Oh boy were they wrong.

With so many security features to keep your company and employees locked down, we are pretty sure you’d survive The Purge. Call 877-516-0218 for extra info about SecureID or visit our website at

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