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The last thing you want to hear a week before your building’s ribbon cutting ceremony is that you can’t move in because of ERRC requirements not being met. Whether you are at the end of a new construction project and the fire marshal has pointed out you need to check that box, or you’re starting out and know your building risks not meeting appropriate coverage requirements, Onepath can help. Our ERRC experts provide discovery, system design and installation, testing, and help with documentation required by fire code officials to ensure your building is able to get its Certificate of Occupancy on time.

Solutions for ERRC Code Compliance

Digging into the 2012 International Fire Code, section 510, EMERGENCY RESPONDER RADIO COVERAGE (ERRC) or NFPA 1221 — isn’t light reading. The basics are that any new construction must abide by ERRC codes and have appropriate radio coverage within the building. Any emergency responder radio coverage systems required by this code must be installed, tested, and operational prior to occupancy of the structure. Building owners, designers and other construction vendors must ensure the testing, design, and installation prior to acceptance by fire code officials — and further, the code requires maintenance of the ERRC system including annual inspections and tests. The good news is Onepath does it all.

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Documentation
  • Annual Testing & Maintenance

ERRC System Design: Public Safety DAS, BAS…

Whether the best solution for your building is distributed antenna system (DAS) signal boosters, radiating cable system, or something else, we help design the most effective way to provide coverage throughout the structure, as well as backup secondary power sources. The goal is to ensure emergency response systems are able to continue working in the event of a public safety incident, so first responders can communicate inside the structure even if there is a loss of power.

ERRC Testing

We perform testing of in-building signals and systems. Whether you have a new building and aren’t sure if you need a system, have a scheduled expansion/renovation and want to plan ahead, or just had a system put in and want to ensure it meets 90% coverage requirements, our ERRC specialists can help.

ERRC Maintenance

Annual testing is done to signal boosters to ensure they are functioning at the same levels as initially tested with. Batteries and power supplies are also tested to ensure they’re able to last for a certain period of time.

ERRC Installation

Our building technology teams come onsite to handle and coordinate all aspects of the installation of ERRC systems.

ERRC Modifications

Speaking of maintenance, our initial installations are forward thinking. If signals or frequencies change in the future as they sometimes do, you’ll be required to update your equipment to handle new radio frequencies. Anticipating that possibility, we install special hardware with systems that are able to be modified via software to add or modify frequencies, rather than leaving you having to face a future expense of replacing all the existing hardware as any new frequencies are added.

NFPA Radio Systems

Besides IFC code requirements, we can also meet the requirements for National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 72 or in the newer standards: 1221. Regardless of what your local AHJ requires, we can meet NFPA radio systems standards as well. NFPA 1221 is the “Standard for the Installation, Maintenance, and Use of Emergency Services Communications Systems”.

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What Are the Challenges of ERRC Compliance?

Without ERRC, when time is most critical, first responders can be cut off from receiving further instructions, coordinating with one another, or requesting additional resources and equipment. But while codes were updated several years ago, very few buildings across the country are fully ERRC compliant. Now enforcement is becoming rampant, and those in the construction industry are scrambling to apply ERRC practices.

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