A monthly hour-long webinar series hosted by 1Path & guest technology partners, covering a range of topics that leave attendees with practical, actionable advice they can implement today, and introduces them to new ideas for tomorrow.

April 16th, 9am - 10am EDT

Join us to learn today’s return-to-office trends, from enabling remote participants to establishing workplace safety standards. Our panel of experts will share how effective communication and collaboration can improve your team’s productivity.

This month’s Cardinal Points Webinar will bring together technology integrators from the teams at 1Path, LenelS2, Crestron, and McKenney’s Automation & Control Solutions.
Join us to gain real insights and best practices you can start implementing today in your organization. You will learn:
  • The 3-phased approach to getting employees back in the office
  • Aligning your digital workplace strategy with visual collaboration
  • How to create a touch-less office environment 
  • The key to leveraging real-time data analytics to make better decisions

Hosted By:

Tom BeeBe 


Senior Account Executive

Greg Tinsley


Director, Business Development

Tony Eggett


Regional Sales Manager

Charles Tinsley

McKenney’s Automation

& Control Solutions

Project Developer

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Organizations are increasingly leveraging the power of the cloud for business analytics. Whether for customer insights, planning, or driving business growth, the cloud is now a critical tool to help organizations consolidate, ingest and analyze their data to achieve a single source of truth.

On this episode of 1Path’s Cardinal Points webinar series hear how the Cambridge Advisory Group, a company providing actuarial and analytical services to Fortune 500 companies as well as others, partnered with 1Path to build a cloud data warehouse and business analytics solution to enable them to deliver superior insights in the areas of administration, compliance, finance, and strategy to their clients.
Learn About:
  • Why organizations should leverage the power of their data for superior customer insights and operational success

  • How to leverage a cloud data warehouse and business analytics tools to give all key employees access to the business intelligence they need

  • Why the cloud makes business analytics affordable and accessible for any sized organization

  • How to get started with your business analytics journey

How do you tell if your backup strategy is outdated? Life moves fast. Business conditions change. And many business leaders worry about whether last year’s backup strategy is ready to meet this year’s challenges.

On this episode of 1Path’s Cardinal Points webinar series we’re talking about how to:
  • Understand today’s greatest risks for data loss, downtime and business interruption
  • Assess and prioritize data and infrastructure, from endpoints, mobile, on-prem, and cloud
  • Define and set your recovery objectives, such as RPO and RTOs
  • Develop testing and auditing procedures for all of your backups 
  • Align your backup strategy with an overall business continuity plan

Get some practical advice from our expert panel on building your own cyber security plan. You will walk away with actionable advice and tips on how to:

  • Assess your current needs, based on your users, applications, corporate realities, and compliance needs 
  • Understand the threat ecosystem and the most pressing security challenges today
  • Think in terms of layers, protecting not just data, but your firm’s physical security, operational integrity, employee productivity, and intellectual property 
  • Prioritize the most vital elements of your cyber security improvement plan for 2021 

On this edition of the Cardinal Points webinar series, we looked at how you can modernize your infrastructure, while consolidating your technology expenses. You’ll walk away with actionable advice and tips on how to:

  • Budget and plan for a move to the cloud, whether for collaboration, security, or your phone system
  • Consolidate vendors to cut costs and simplify your monthly spending
  • Enhance cyber security with essential upgrades around multi-factor authentication and employee training and awareness
  • Achieve predictable IT budgeting, while improving employee productivity

Not everyone naturally knows the ins and outs of M365, there are quite a few tools and applications these days. Even so, according to Microsoft nearly 43% of all Americans use M365 every day on their work devices.

If you need to take your Microsoft 365 knowledge to the next level and “Life Hack Your Microsoft 365″ then look no further. Get up to speed on how to:

  • Use Teams to collaborate with coworkers and external stakeholders
  • Maximize video conferencing abilities in today’s hybrid working environment
  • Manage file sharing in SharePoint
  • Track projects and tasks via Planner and To-Do


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