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Ambitious Community Project Includes Advances in Security, AV and ERRC

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A burgeoning and forward-thinking Georgia city has had a long-time goal of building a community center to host all of the community’s events, fulfill the needs of their citizens, and house their offices, all while generating revenue for the Parks and Recreation department.

The community center is currently under construction — an initiative several years in the making, which will employ new technology and act as an example for what the rest of the city can create in a building.

The project began when the city hired a general contractor, who reached out to 1Path early in the process. 1Path took the lead with the contractor and architect to offer a complete design-build solution. Once the city approved the budget, 1Path was eligible to go through the bidding process. With more horsepower, more commitment, and a more complete game plan, 1Path was selected and quickly got to work planning what might be the city’s most ambitious project yet.

1Path is working as the city’s technology partner for the audiovisual components, cabling, and security, providing a project manager on site working with the general contractor for the fire alarms and emergency responder radio coverage (ERRC). The first groundbreaking took place in January 2018, and since then the building has started to go vertical. Once the interior is built out, 1Path will install cabling and security before completing the AV components.

The project will include advances in security, AV, and ERRC that will change the way the community center, and ultimately the city, can conduct business.


Currently, all of the city’s major buildings run on different security systems. The director of the Parks and Recreation department has initiatives about streamlining the security program and access control capabilities so that Parks and Rec employees can access City Hall and other official buildings. The director requested a turnkey solution as a staple to show the city can be integrated as a whole.

1Path proposed Avigilon as the manufacturer due to its ability to integrate with multiple locations, which includes access control, CCTV, and intrusion alarm system. The city is working on a number of new projects that will be integrated on this system.


The community center will be outfitted with a state-of-the-art AV system, including HD presentation systems in the banquet hall. There will be two classrooms in the center that will be used for workout classes, and the community center will also be employing a digital signage solutions, with a total of nine displays that will allow for a constant rotation of schedules and notices for all events.

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC)

The community center will be equipped with an emergency response radio coverage system. The updated codes require minimum performance criteria of radio communication inside commercial buildings on all virtually new construction. The solutions include the installation and maintenance of ERRC systems, which bolster and extend radio signals throughout buildings where radio signals might not otherwise reach without the additional hardware. The goal is to allow first responders to use existing equipment and systems to maintain radio communication during emergencies, which improves safety and operational effectiveness.

With an expected completion date of spring of 2019, the community center, which will house facilities from gyms to kitchens to boardrooms, will be a multi-purpose hub of the city, facilitating the needs of all their citizens and giving the city the opportunity to continue to grow and attract more residents and revenue. From cable to cloud, 1Path proved to be right fit for the job for our ability to see and execute the city’s vision.




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