Southeast regional bank finds the easy way to upgrade branch telephony infrastructure

You are faced with a difficult project with strict completion deadlines. Your project goal is to upgrade the telephony infrastructure for one of the largest community banks in the Southeast, without interrupting business. And, each location had its unique network upgrade specifications: 143 bank branches, two central loan processing offices and two securities trading floors.

You partner with Onepath to leverage their Solutions Design team to engineer site-specific configurations with functionality at nearly every desk.  Onepath provides Day One support and site-specific documents for every handset and data terminal. They send dedicated teams of specially trained, credentialed field engineers, led by a site leader for each installation, to complete all sites overnight to prevent interruptions to your banking business.

To achieve this, Onepath customized support with specific configuration requirements, scripts and handset user functionality. They also managed all logistics aspects from staging, kitting and shipping hardware to coordinating turn-up schedule and end-user training

The result was successfully turning up 147 banking and financial locations on time without interrupting normal operating hours.  This reduced asset overhead for the end user, improved connectivity, and reduced interbank telephone fees by providing a shared platform.

Solutions: Deployed Services