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Cloud services provide rapid recovery after devastating fire

A historic North Andover yacht club experienced the unthinkable: a massive fire that ravaged their building and equipment, the night before payday.

The Project

Onepath was alerted of the fire as it was still occurring and immediately went to work. As firemen attempted to stop the fire from spreading further, we began to implement a business continuity plan, leveraging cloud-based solutions. Onepath engineers worked through the night to ensure that operations would be able to continue.

With a dedication to more commitment, Onepath:

  • Pulled and recovered their data from the cloud
  • Obtained new devices
  • Stood the new devices up in a trailer next door to the building’s remains, enabling the club to still pay their employees on time

The Result

By the following morning, the damage had been done. The club had burned to the ground and with it, their servers and network infrastructure, blackened and charred. However, the club was still able to pay their employees on time, providing continuity to their trusted employees as well as their members and guests.