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Cobb County High School Requires ERRC

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A Cobb County high school with over 3,000 students recently added two new buildings to their campus. However, they struggled to receive a certificate of occupancy when the county required ERRC compliance.

Cobb county is first of several Metro Atlanta counties now requiring ERRC compliance. According to International Fire Code 510, new buildings must pass an RSSI reading for radio coverage to ensure that firefighters and other first responders are able to communicate during a crisis. Until recently, the enforcement of ERRC lagged as fire stations needed to update their own radio systems. Many stations are getting to a point where they can enforce the code and have adopted policies similar to Cobb County.

1Path surveyed the site and designed an ERRC system that received approval by the local fire marshal and completed the install without delays.

The installation took place in two phases. Surveys were completed when both the performing arts theater and the gymnasium were 50% completed to see how the walls, roof, and glass inhibited the signal strength. The process was completed again when construction was at 75% completion in order to make necessary adjustments to the system design.

Typically, ERRC is the last phases of construction. 1Path exerted flexibility in order to survey, design, install, and commission the system within all the existing construction deadlines and parameters. The project required steady communication and coordination with the general contractor, electrician, and fire alarm vendor to get the entire system brought online.

In the end, 1Path was able to have the systems running smoothly within the timeline, and without error.

With more horsepower, more commitment, and a more complete game plan, 1Path continues to be the easier way to get hard things done.




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