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Global Business Continuity Improvements


Client Stories

High-stakes operations prompts business to upgrade outdated infrastructure and undergo server virtualization

The Client

A 24/7 global operation providing critical information to retailers. They certainly can’t afford to go down; an outage could result in the loss of millions of dollars.

The Problem

Their distributed global reach and high availability needs has always led them to utilize a data center. A data center housed their physical and virtual server fleet but due to the data center’s rapidly aging, customer-owned infrastructure, they lacked redundancy, reliability, and scalability to meet this customer’s business continuity needs.

The Project

The global operation needed to achieve business continuity without sacrificing customer satisfaction and complete the transformation within a tightly defined maintenance window. Due to our dedication to more commitment and a more complete game plan, Onepath had the equipment and know-how to help.

Combining meticulous planning and resource expertise with our latest IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) offering, we were able to transform their outdated side-by-side physical and virtual servers to a complete hosted virtual server fleet.

The Result

The client was able to control the server fleet, while taking everything below the operating system out of the equation.  The switch also allowed us to rack some ISP equipment with cross connects to their IaaS environment and deploy a customer-provided virtual Barracuda appliance.

By working closely with the current data center and the customer’s internal IT team, we were able to shift their global operations to the new IaaS platform well inside their maintenance window, resulting in very high customer satisfaction. Now they have peace of mind they will be able to continue to deliver critical information to their global customers when it’s needed.

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