Client Stories

Increased employee satisfaction during audit compliance

Preparing for a quarterly audit is daunting and became a drain on resources as well as costing the bank a significant amount of money in lost productivity.  Obtaining all the supporting documentation and filtering through the data to satisfy the requirements of the auditors became unwieldly.

Onepath came in to discuss end-user support and quickly uncovered the larger issue related to audit preparation.

We immediately set out to solve the problem and demonstrated our ability to provide reports from our client portal, which mapped to the auditor’s inquiries.  Surpassing their expectations, when an auditor questioned specific data the bank was able to bring up live records in the Onepath/client portal providing real-time issue resolution.

Once they understood the value of this improved process the bank recognized the need to broaden the relationship to cover the audited services allowing them to improve employees IT service experience, reduce the cost of audits and improve employee satisfaction by reducing the stress of the audits.