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Growing Senior Living Community Needs Design-Build Technology Partner


Client Stories

Leading senior living community’s sustained growth leads new expansions and a committed technology partnership

An established, top-rated senior living community needed help expanding into the metro Atlanta area. They had four existing locations across the Southeast, with three facilities in Louisiana and a new expansion into Georgia. But their previous locations had all been born from acquisitions of existing buildings, and they planned to build a new location completely from scratch, tailored to their needs and their vision.

They required a technology partner that could not only install the components necessary for a successful facility but could also assist in designing the facility. With more horsepower, more commitment, and a more complete game plan, 1Path was able to facilitate their expansion and tailor it to their needs.

The partnership began when 1Path was selected after entering a formal bid process. After a series of meetings with the organization’s owner and their contractor, 1Path began mapping out the design of the building. The organization’s existing properties all worked off different systems from one another, and because the owner planned to continue expanding in the area, he wanted the new facilities to be standardized so employees could conveniently go between locations.

The first six to eight months of what was a one-and-a-half year project featured an ebb and flow of design and feedback. We designed a layout based on the owner’s vision and our own know-how, tailored it according to their evolving feedback, and adjusted the budget each time, until the building had been laid out to their satisfaction. Once a design was agreed upon, the organization purchased 1Path’s solutions, and we began working with the contractor to install them.

Over the remainder of the project, 1Path’s Building Technology team design-built the systems throughout their building, including:

  • Voice and data (structured) cabling
  • Video surveillance
  • Access control
  • Audiovisual systems
  • Wi-Fi
  • ERRC (emergency radio responder coverage), which allows for emergency responders to retain communications via radio during an emergency

While we used predictive modeling based on the blueprint during the design process, we were able to conduct a predictive site survey once the actual structure went up in order to more accurately calculate how many different components of technology the facility would require, saving the customer money and maximizing efficiency. Additionally, the locations of many audiovisual components worked to maximize ambiance and cater to the residents’ comfort.

Since design-building their location in East Cobb, 1Path was approached to design-build a second building in West Cobb. The facilities now house a total of 300 residents across both properties and remain one of the top-rated senior living communities, having recently been voted as one of the best places to retire in Georgia by SmartAsset.

We continue to conduct quarterly visits to check on the systems in place and act as Day 2 support for the facilities. As the community continues to expand, they know they can rely on 1Path as a trusted technology partner that will continue to facilitate their growth at all future properties to come.




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