Delivering 99.999% uptime connectivity & unified voice platform for a healthcare insurance provider

A newly created insurance provider needed a comprehensive solution for high availability connectivity as well as a unified voice platform. With all of their infrastructure in a single datacenter, it was imperative their solution include a data connection to their cloud infrastructure; however, the solution had to be scalable and quick to install.

Onepath recommended using multiple connectivity providers to provide high redundancy and not rely on any single provider’s network. Additionally, with Line of Sight (LoS) available from the client’s office building directly to the datacenter, Onepath could leverage a wireless P2P fiber connection.

Upon engagement, the Onepath team leveraged three different providers to design a highly redundant solution.  Fiber was not immediately available in the office where the client was located, so Onepath used AT&T APEX for temporary T1 connectivity with SIP voice trunks, which was later upgraded to fiber as planned. ShoreTel was chosen as the unified communication platform due to its low downtime and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

With Internet, SIP trunking, and ShoreTel UC in place, the client was missing one last piece of connectivity which they needed badly due to poor packet loss across their VPN tunnel to the datacenter. After confirming availability for LoS, a wireless P2P fiber connection for data was designed, tested and implemented.

After Onepath implemented the high availability UC solution, this growing insurance provider has had the voice platform they need, and the connectivity they deserve, with the 99.999% uptime over a twelve month period.