Building a high tech fan experience for the new College Football Hall of Fame

You’re moving your sport’s hall of fame to a new, bigger city. Dwindling attendance at your previous location motivated the move. The new $68.5 million museum location will be almost 95,000 sq. ft. large.

But, you know it’s going to take more than just a big building in a big city to boost annual attendance. You’ve got to create an interactive experience that will truly “wow” visitors. and this means taking full advantage of technology to deliver more memorable experiences.

So, you turn to Onepath to design the technology infrastructure and manage the project. Onepath handles everything from security cameras and access control to AV systems and a state-of-the-art theatre, integrating the displays and exhibits into the base building network and wireless access.

Now, your museum is giving sports enthusiasts immersive one-of-kind experiences they won’t forget. You’re even able to digitally track which exhibits are the most popular with visitors, so you can continually improve the fan experience. It’s another great example of why Onepath is the easier way to get hard things done.