Insurance Adjuster firm improves business with custom application development

You selected an off-the-shelf tool because it provided a majority of what you needed to run your business and it was quickly deployable. The tool gaps, at first, were non-critical because you were able to overcome them with talent and labor. Now that you are growing, these gaps are unnecessarily increasing your labor costs, preventing you from gaining needed operational insight on the business, and negatively impacting your customer experience.

You understand you have a unique process that gives you a competitive edge, but to automate your process, an off-the-shelf tool will not work.  You would have to build one, and do not know where to go for the kind of help you need.

Onepath got engaged and made it easier to meet these challenges without hiring a new team or breaking the budget.  They developed a customer facing form on the existing website to feed the intake process in the off-the-shelf app.  They were able to meet the critical, but unique, criteria that the current application could not handle, and provide reporting on key aspects of the business that were previously impossible.  Onepath’s Application Management team used agile software development methodologies to quickly design and build the new applications and deliver them on time.

Now, you have a custom application that supports the needs of your customers and adjusters in the field and provides much better operational visibility.  Even better, Onepath is able to provide on-going application and production support to evolve the applications based on the new insights as a complete one-stop shop application management.

Solutions: Managed Services