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Whenever a company takes on a large multi-phase project to swap out switches in VA hospitals across the U.S., the need to scale will present itself.

That’s the situation a southeast-based IT solutions company found themselves in when, at the last minute, they needed a technology partner capable of swapping 3,884 switches on 78 sites across the country. When their previous vendor had issues scheduling field engineers and keeping up with the timeline, Onepath stepped in to help.

Phase 2 started mid-March and needed to be completed by the end of July. Onepath was tasked with completing all background checks, medical testing, and government-mandated paperwork less than 3 weeks before dispatch was required.

The actual process of swapping out the switches was an immense undertaking and needed to be coordinated efficiently the first time. Armed with the ability to scale, Onepath ramped the project up with more horsepower and was able to dispatch on schedule.

With lots of moving pieces, the entire project required multiple teams to travel at once. Each technician needed to be on-site and checked-in, while the deployment took anywhere from two days to three weeks to swap on-site switches. All team leads needed a CCNA, so Onepath implemented a hybrid model allowing local resources to act as helpers to keep costs down.

Additionally, a large portion of work needed to take place after hours, requiring well-organized teams to work well into the night to ensure they were prepared for the next day. Teams supplied daily reports to both the IT solutions company and the VA hospitals to ensure all parties were on the same page.

Phase 2 was completed with the company’s complete satisfaction, and Onepath continues to act as the sole support source for Phase 3, a year-long process that will be three times the size of the completed job.

With more horsepower, more commitment, and a more complete game plan, Onepath proved to be the right partner for anyone under a tight deadline.

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