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Large Produce Supplier Goes Wireless

Batch of fresh produce

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When a large southeast produce supplier decides to take their warehouse operations wireless, a complex IT operation follows.

Supplying a wide range of merchandise both online and in stores, improving the efficiency of the vendor’s inventory system was critical. When a business partner got wind of the burgeoning project, they recommended 1Path to handle the unique challenges of the job.

The initial goal of the project was to install a wireless inventory control application to scan a total of 50,000 sq. ft in 40 different freezers. The new system moves produce throughout the warehouse quicker and costs a quarter-of-a-million dollars to complete. 1Path conducted a three-hour walk-thru of the facility and understood this would not be a typical wireless project.

Due to the construction of the facility, the site had a complicated network architecture that was broken up into different rooms. All cabling needed to be waterproof, and there were several environmental issues at play.

Though the vendor’s internal IT team were highly experienced, they had concerns about switching from a 10-computer setup to an ERP dependent on wireless technology in such a short time frame. 1Path’s building technologies team set out to design a cable network to support the specific needs of the vendor, and proposed:

* 24/7/365 monitoring of all services, networks, and 16 retail locations

* Migration from on-site to Office 365 for 150 users and 8 domains

* Introduction to SharePoint to revolutionize how they managed documents, orders, and invoices

* Upgrade of company surveillance system

The project was a success. Soon the vendor extended the wireless system to their corporate offices.

Along with continued monitoring and support, 1Path is responsible for laying the groundwork for their brand new 75,000 sq. ft building. With more horsepower, more commitment, and a more complete game plan, 1Path was able to upgrade the company from cable to cloud, and into a more profitable system.




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