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Making Sure Data is Secure


Client Stories, Cybersecurity

Managed information security allows peace of mind and business growth

For a closing practice, efficiency and availability are absolutely critical.  But to be able to do a closing or collect bad debts, the firm must be able to manage and secure very sensitive and confidential information.

You have never had any issues, but with the rise of malware, breaches such as the Panama Papers and cryptolocker attacks, as well as CFPB audits and increasing regulatory requirements, your attorneys and your business partners want to make sure their information is secure.

The 1Path managed security team recommended a phased approach to assess vulnerabilities, remediate any issues, and begin actively monitoring and managing your IT security. This best practice approach automatically adjusts to your needs based on your actual business risks, not a checklist or a one-size-fits-all solution.

The 1Path team began with an external penetration test, looking for weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your systems that a hacker might try to exploit.  We also performed a security risk assessment to examine some of the firm’s processes and controls for handling information as well as assessing how employees respond to things like email phishing attacks. Fortunately, the assessment revealed good processes and only a few minor issues that were quickly remediated.

Next, and most importantly, 1Path started actively monitoring and managing information security for the firm. We implemented a new managed firewall as part of a layered defense strategy, including intrusion detection and notification of threats, breaches and attacks. Most importantly, we also started ongoing security log reviews to confirm that any threats were contained and mitigated and the firm’s data remained secure. But since technology continues to evolve and hackers keep getting smarter, you still need to do annual risk scans and penetration tests just like every firm…

As a result, you and your business partners now have greater peace of mind that your data is secure and you can meet any info security requirements from regulators or other business partners. More importantly, you’ve been able to continue growing the practice and expanding into other related business areas.




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