Rapid replacement for a departed IT leader provides long term stability for mid-size manufacturer

After an investor led purchase, your company loses its long time internal IT Management.  You have no idea how to keep your systems running, but even less idea how to fix the problems you know about…

Onepath stepped in to begin managing your IT services the same day. Onepath not only provided those services within hours of the request, they went on to provide a complete IT Assessment to identify any problems and develop a road map for the future. 

Onepath went on to work with the Executive Management team to supplement internal Tier 1 and Tier 2 helpdesk and support the on-premise server environment, which had a 7×24 uptime requirement. We worked together to establish technical and strategic plan that aligned with the company growth plans. Onepath extended our operations management platform for use by the customer team so that all support and service related matters are tracked from a central source.

The immediate and long-term result has been a secure and stable technology infrastructure that is ready and aligned with the continued growth of the company.

Solutions: Managed IT