Network improvements mean more patients and productivity for growing medical practice

Your Providers at remote offices are experiencing very slow response times and their sessions are dropping using their EMR software.  Customers are unhappy because of long wait times before being seen.  Your practice begins losing money and patients due to inefficiencies.

Onepath evaluated potential problem areas contributing to the slowness.  We determined that your bandwidth is inadequate and that your remote access solution and LAN are obsolete.  To resolve these problems, Onepath designed a high-speed MPLS fiber backbone with managed routers, stacked GB data switches, and Remote Desktop Services for all remote offices.  We also designed a managed firewall solution for internet access and alternate route for EMR, and then migrated the majority of users to thin clients.

The changes resulted in significantly improved EMR responsiveness and stability… allowing the Providers to see more patients, and improve patient satisfaction, but it also improved productivity among your administrative personnel – the easier way to grow revenue and profitability.