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Modernizing the Workplace

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Client Stories

A company whose headquarters has been a pillar of the Atlanta skyline for over 30 years needed help segueing into the 21st century. Their building, punctuated by individual offices, needed to be renovated to allow for more open spaces and to accommodate the modern telecommuting employee. What followed would be arguably the largest and most ambitious current commercial interior project to occur in the city of Atlanta and would usher forth more opportunities for collaboration in a modern workplace.

The company began searching for a technology partner that could work with their real estate construction firm and general contractor to renovate 22 floors over a two-year period. Along with the visibility of the building to consider, the other building’s floors were also being occupied by other tenants, so any renovations would have to occur without disturbing them. A project of this scope and size demanded a certain skillset, and an immense amount of trust would need to be instilled in an entirely new resource.

When the construction manager for the real estate construction firm approached 1Path, we immediately began planning for the project and meeting with the firm and contractors, with minimal information and no knowledge of who the company was. Our history of strong performance and partnership with other parties helped reinforce that we were the right choice for the deal, and we were the only company in the city with the proper certifications to do the job. After going through a formal bid process, 1Path was selected.

Over the first phase of the project, staff moved into a temporary space, and five floors were completely cleared out and renovated. With more commitment, more horsepower, and a more complete game plan, we were able to offer the company a singular resource that could complete the multi-disciplined work that needed to occur. The work on the floors included installing:

  • A complete fiber backbone
  • Low-voltage cabling
  • Video surveillance
  • Access control

The project also included power over Ethernet (POE) lighting, LED light fixtures powered over data cable and controlled by the network switches, which use 50% less energy than traditional lighting. This entirely new technology was not being used anywhere else in the local market, making the company the first and largest building in the city of Atlanta to use this environmentally-conscious technology.

The first of four phases is now complete, and the company’s employees are already beginning to reap the benefits of the work that 1Path helped to complete. Where they once worked in segregated offices, the teams are now working in an open concept space that allows for more collaboration, modernizing the workspace and facilitating the company’s station as a visionary.




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