U.S. Auto Sales turbocharges its business with virtual desktops

You’re running a successful auto dealership – and it’s your busiest time of year: tax season. Car shoppers are arriving in droves at your 17 locations in the Southeast with money to spend from Uncle Sam.  But the increase in demand is driving longer wait times. Some customers get so frustrated waiting they simply walk away.

US Auto turned to Onepath for help.  It turns out the bottleneck was IT – the entire sales staff was relying on one or two PCs to close deals at each location.  Onepath helped get sales off the ground and your IT to the cloud, equipping the sales staff with virtual desktops. This lets them close deals one-on-one with customers anytime, using any type of device. It solved the waiting problem and improved the customer experience.

Now sales are up 20% across all locations, thanks in large part to the new technology.  US Auto reduced IT costs and eliminated maintenance headaches. And the sales teams have an easier way to get their jobs done.