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Multi-Location Senior Living Facility Improves Connectivity

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A senior living facility, who provides full and comprehensive care to their residents, knows senior care backwards and forwards. But as technology has expanded its reach into every demographic, seniors have become heavy internet users — both for personal use and for use with modern medical devices. When seniors and their families are looking for a senior living facility, their expectations and requirements around if a facility can provide quality technology access have become a much bigger deal.

It’s not a surprise that tech is not just a young man’s game, but to meet the needs of the new-age senior resident, the senior living facility staff needed to evolve and refocus on resolving issues with their Wi-Fi. This became most apparent when the difficulties with providing stable wireless internet were beginning to impact business.

Each resident can be tracked by an ID. The system contains information about each resident’s personalized meal plans, preferences, and experiences, but sporadic outages began preventing staff from accessing this information. Though the facility did have wireless connectivity throughout the building, their Wi-Fi was not stable enough to support the technology in use.

With two facilities open and operational, they opened a third location, but the issues, which were infrequent in the prior locations, began happening more and more often in the new location. Issues with wireless even began to affect visits from family members. The facility’s staff called their Managed Services provider at the time, but the issues were never fully resolved.

Their connectivity problems worsened, and it culminated in residents threatening to leave and prospective residents deciding against living in the facilities. Additionally, because of the healthcare information linked to their IDs, HIPAA compliance was also a concern. They needed a company who could work in a HIPAA compliant environment and resolve the issues causing them to lose business and prevent further growth.

After being introduced through another senior living developer, the facility’s staff called 1Path. We immediately deployed two technicians to travel down to their existing facilities to get to the root of the problem. Their immediate priority was for the Wi-Fi to be fixed, and we performed wireless heat mapping to analyze the network. After tracing the problem to the configuration of the access points, we resolved the issue, and they formally signed on as a client.

After that, 1Path worked through issues they were experiencing with on-site equipment, allowing them to move forward and onboard new facilities. We continue to provide hardware for additional facilities and advise them on how to get more cost-effective products that require less maintenance in the long-run.

With more horsepower, more commitment, and a more complete game plan, we continue to enjoy a trusted partnership that is able to support this senior living facility’s steady growth and evolution.




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