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Online Product Catalog Allows Firm to Monetize Their Data

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Client Stories

An industry-leader in certifying and validating products to be green certified wanted to re-platform their online product catalog, in order to monetize it and become the global source for green products. They wanted their new catalog to be an evolution of their older one, expanded to include data from other green partners and a complete network of green products across all markets. They also had an immediate, urgent need to complete the project by the end of the year and needed a trusted partner they could rely on.

The company approached 1Path. The Application Management Services team had previously built an online product catalog for a smaller company devoted to air quality testing, which had since been acquired. Once the acquisition took place, all IT was brought in-house, and they continued using the catalog that 1Path had built. When the need to update and revamp another product catalog arose, 1Path was the obvious choice.

The project, which was estimated to take 14 months, needed to be complete in six months, a nearly impossible time frame. With more commitment and more horsepower, 1Path deployed the Application Management team to scale in size and work around the clock to complete the project in the designated time frame.

During the scope of the project, we:

  • Designed a new solution
  • Implemented the solution on the newest technology
  • Added new collaborative features for architects and designers
  • Designed and implemented a highly scalable and redundant infrastructure in the cloud
  • Implemented security features to ensure the new catalog is GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant
  • Migrated data and business intelligence
  • Built interfaces to load partners’ product data into the catalog

The result is the most extensive online catalog of sustainable products available, searchable by item and different forms of green certifications, such as GreenGuard, BIFMA, and Formaldehyde Free. The company has also been able to monetize their data, adding value to collecting data about green products across the globe and furthering their goal of becoming an industry hub.

The company continues to work with 1Path, and their application suite will continue to be managed and maintained by 1Path on a monthly recurring basis. With more commitment, more horsepower, and a more complete game plan, we were able to meet the company’s goals, fulfill deliverables despite a challenging time frame, and create an innovative tool to help take the company to the next level.




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