Top performance on an accelerated deployment timeline to meet end-user goals

You need to upgrade the wireless network at 400 nationwide home improvement stores while strictly adhering to the customer-established timetable.

So, you partner with Onepath, and they control all project phases, from planning and piloting, to ramp-up and completion. Onepath provides comprehensive project management, configuration, shipping and SIM activation of customer CPE, and CPE installation.

To meet your and your customer’s objectives, Onepath provides intelligent device placement via collaboration with the service provider to maximize WAN signal strength.  Rigorous signal strength testing helps prevent service interruptions. Onepath performs on an accelerated run rate to meet your end-user timetable and delivers to all sites on time by leveraging their scale across North America.

The results? 86% of locations were completed in a 30-day push. As many as 70-80 routers were configured and shipped per day.  They Optimized WAN signal strength, performed all work on time and achieved 94% carrier coverage of all devices.

Solutions: Deployed Services