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Real Estate Firm Struggles with Multiple IT Providers

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A top closing real estate firm in Georgia struggles with unsupported technology infrastructure when trying to improve their security posture and competitive positioning.  Comprised of multiple providers and vendors across technology lines, the firm requires a true technology partner to deliver the comprehensive IT support and end-to-end managed security services they need to optimize their infrastructure.

Prioritizing the customer’s needs, 1Path began highlighting areas where improvements could be made, taking into consideration:

  • Internal business targets and objectives
  • User’s day-to-day interaction with technology
  • How to repurpose technology currently in place

Despite having a solution already in place, neither the staff nor the external support were equipped to operate it. Working on a nearly 24-hour basis, the firm requires an IT solution powerful enough to sustain operations at all hours. If problems occur, they need a dedicated support staff to quickly and efficiently resolve issues, such as:

  • Security events, resulting in data loss or ransomware attacks
  • Failing virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Slow response time, due to lack of structure between internal and external support

Working closely with the business, 1Path discovered a way in which the current system could work to the firm’s advantage. 1Path was able to:

  • Repurpose and correctly set up their current VDI
  • Establish a culture of IT awareness
  • Introduce security solutions such as risk assessments, penetration testing, and ongoing intrusion detection
  • Host annual assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards

Since partnering with 1Path, the real estate firm has seen a growth in their employee base. 1Path regularly conducts quarterly business reviews for the firm, and continues to have regular conversations concerning the ever changing technology landscape. With more commitment, more horsepower, and a more complete game plan, 1Path helps businesses build a culture of security and growth.




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