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Resource Change is a Wake Up Call

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Client Stories

Departure of IT leader results in HIPAA best practice and long-term stability

The Client

Following the sudden departure of their outsourced IT firm’s lead technician, a large radiology practice realized they were running an unsustainable operation. With 40 owners and 14 imaging centers, they remained one of the largest practices in their field, but they had reached a point of stagnation and were unable to sustain continued growth. The incumbent IT firm had experience with their PACS System and the practice was afraid to lose their institutional knowledge, but they realized their outsourced IT support provider was too small to solve the practice’s mounting problems.

The Project

Each of the physicians in the ownership group worked from home, and they all looked to third parties, from friends and relatives to shops and independent contractors, to support their IT needs. The lack of standardization created compliance issues with so many different people having contact with computers with access to medical records. Furthermore, the practice’s servers were running on older operating systems and housed in different locations, and they were using non-business grade mail and communication products.

The Result

The sudden departure of their main IT support’s primary technician, coupled with a referral by another radiology practice who’d been plagued by similar issues in the past, led the ownership group to agree to seek out 1Path. 1Path implemented a phased game plan to stabilize the environment and prioritize the changes needed to support the growth of the practice. The team also made sure the PACS system and other critical infrastructure continued to perform at a high level, bringing them from HIPAA non-compliance and outdated servers to a completely streamlined system in a short amount of time.

Over a six month period, 1Path:

  • Replaced the practice’s servers
  • Migrated their servers to our hosting colocation facility
  • Implemented corporate file sharing through SharePoint
  • Transitioned the practice over to Microsoft Exchange
  • Built redundancy into their environment
  • Refreshed the practice’s infrastructure

Since signing on with 1Path, the practice has been able to double in size, resulting in constant and deliberate growth with a high level of satisfaction by the practice and their staff.




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