Providing reliable emergency POS break-fix repairs for US and Canadian store locations

You need someone to troubleshoot emergency POS system break-fix problems across your US and Canadian store locations.  There are tight SLAs required to reduce interruption to your end user’s productivity.

Onepath delivered one-touch Project Management for seamless coordination of the technician and all the moving parts including special tools & heavy machinery rental.

The Onepath engagement provided emergency access to nearly 2000 scissor lifts annually.  We coordinated delivery of lifts within 6-, 24- and 48-hour SLAs.  Onepath also deployed a dedicated team of specially vetted and certified fiber technicians.

This resulted in a 95%+ performance within SLA requirements. Onepath’s troubleshooting and configuration solutions allowed for re-use of existing hardware previously believed to be insufficient, resulting in significant cost savings. And, Onepath’s in-house supply vending platform allowed field engineers a one-stop-solution to maintain stock of approved fiber materials.

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