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SafeHouse Outreach Seeks IT Support Toward Mission of Helping Others

Woman serves man food at SafeHouse Outreach.

SafeHouse Outreach strives to help Atlanta’s homeless population transition to stable, independent living. For a nonprofit, a hand-out isn’t an answer; instead, a hand-up, which allows for sustainable, long-term change is. And when SafeHouse signed on with 1Path, we had a similar goal in mind. Rather than leave SafeHouse with a bandage solution, we provided the tools, knowledge, and support to bolster their mission of helping others.

“We knew the cloud was the next step for us,” said Melissa Holcombe, Office Manager, “but we were worried about how long transitioning would take and what it would cost us. Fortunately, 1Path made the process simple and straightforward. Now, we’re using safer, quicker tech, which helps us better reach day-to-day goals. Plus, we’ve increased what we’re able to do for Atlanta’s homeless population while simultaneously cutting down on the price.”

“Our mission is important, and good IT policies are central to that mission being realized,” said CEO Josh Bray. “Having an MSP like 1Path ensures that our data is protected and easily accessible. We don’t have to worry about IT issues affecting our day-to-day, and in the event that something unexpected happens, we know we’re well supported. Ease of technology means ease of mind, which allows us to better focus on what our clients need.”

SafeHouse Outreach is a premier example of what an organization can do for its community. For over 35 years, they’ve provided meals, career development, and medical assistance to thousands of Atlantans who needed a hand. 1Path is grateful to work with an organization that does so much for so many people. By making SafeHouse more secure and more productive, the organization has been able to offer even more hand-ups, thus creating more secure, productive change across Atlanta.




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