Client Stories

Using the Latest Healthcare Technology to help Patients and the Community

Your hospital is deficient in several IT solutions and can’t grow.  Upon opening a new facility you quickly realize you don’t have any way to connect information back to the main hospital. You’ve determined you need provide the latest advanced systems and technologies to benefit staff and patients.

After thoroughly vetting potential vendors the hospital confidently selects Onepath.  We conduct the initial audit and interact with hospital staff to understand pain points and integrating as part of the team.  After completing the process, the Onepath team gets to work expanding the hospital’s IT backbone and transitions them over to a system that allows for more flexibility and scalability over the long term.  Next, the call center’s system is connected directly with the scheduling department, enhancing efficiency through updates like automated appointment acceptance and rescheduling.

Onepath was able to provide a build out that enhanced IT and Network capabilities that would not only meet the hospital’s needs now, but can also scale to handle the constant changes in healthcare technology. The upgraded services have not only saved costs and time for the hospital and its staff, but it also provides greater convenience for their patients and enables them to have more control over the scheduling process for their visits.