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Seamless Refresh of Aging Network

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Client Stories

Reducing risk to a firm’s business operations by replacing an aging network

Closing a loan is a tightly scripted process that involves many different parties, with documents and information coming together almost in real time.  If any of the documents are not available or the system is down, the closing has to be delayed, leading to lost revenue, wasted time, and poor customer satisfaction.

You are worried about your aging IT infrastructure and not sure what to do. Not only are your servers and Windows 2003 environment approaching end of life, but your maintenance costs are beginning to rise. It is only a matter of time before something fails and impacts the closing schedule. To make it even more difficult, you aren’t sure how to support your closing attorneys as they become more mobile, working in different offices and asking for more flexibility to meet customer requests.

The 1Path team responded with a proactive review and refresh of the entire network infrastructure. In the analysis, we determined that not only was the network old, but it was also over-licensed. During the recession, the firm had to reduce headcount, and as a result had been paying for more users than they needed. The team designed and implemented a new infrastructure based on current usage needs but with scalability for future growth. We replaced the old environment with several new on-premise servers running virtual machines for better cost, performance, and efficiency. We kept the existing ReVive disaster recovery solution, and partitioned one of the new servers to incorporate a Shoretel unified communications solution to provide better call handling and routing between offices.

With the 1Path migration game plan, the firm was able to seamlessly transition to the new environment without any issues or impact to the closing schedule. Most importantly, the firm was able to significantly reduce the risk to the business of outages due to the old equipment and get it done before you had any problems from the old equipment.




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