The thing you need but hope to never use.

Disaster recovery is a paradox — it’s something you’ll need to think about, plan for, and invest in, despite the hope you never have to use it. But, if something does happen, you’ll be glad you took the time, effort, and resources to get it right. You need peace-of-mind that your business can continue to function, whatever happens. Good disaster recovery can protect your IT systems and business from things like:

  • Natural disasters — Earthquakes, fire, flood, hurricane.
  • Manmade disasters — Power outages, transport issues, equipment failure, loss of important services.
  • Malicious actors — Malware, denial of service attacks, data and identity theft.

Tailor Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) to fit your needs.

Restoring business functionality and production environments

The other critical part of disaster recovery is making sure you get your production environments up and running again as quickly as possible. This lets your employees get back to running your business.

  • Restoring employee desktop workspaces, so they can log into machines and continue working from another location.
  • Restoring apps and systems stored on servers so your business can continue to function.
  • Restoring virtual machine and testing environments so other parts of your business can fix issues.

We use vStream technology, which allows you to get environments up and running again following a disaster.

Failover and recovery

Of course, in the event of a disaster, you need to get up and running again, fast. Some of the solutions we provide give you full “failover” capability — That means as soon as there’s a disaster, the systems can switch to your DR environment and data, with little interruption in service.

Backup options available

With the amount of data your business generates, it’s vital to ensure it’s continually backed up and protected. You have several options when it comes to backing up all the data across your physical and virtual environments and servers:

Periodic onsite backup — Scheduled local backups every hour, day, week, and month so you’ve always got a verified, high-quality set of data to restore to.

Periodic offsite backup — Scheduled backups to the cloud, so even if your physical environment is compromised, you can easily download and restore data.

Mirrored data backup — Backup of your data in real time, effectively creating a continually updated mirror of your production data. Data can be mirrored either onsite or to the cloud.

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DRaaS Products & Services

Onepath can help assess recovery time objectives and how much data you can live without versus how quickly you need to back up. We recommend offsite or onsite data backup depending on sensitivity of data, with additional reassurance your data is protected. We use several services to backup your data quickly and easily:

  • ReVive — ReVive provides on-premises recovery and also allows for secure, long-term backup in the cloud.
  • TrueStore — TrueStore gives you enormous control over remote backups, including customized scheduling, scalability, retention, and more.
  • vStream — Recovery Point Objective (in seconds) and Recovery Time Objective (in minutes), near continuous replication of Virtual Machines.
  • Veeam Cloud Connect — Simplifies offsite, cloud backup using a reliable, secure solution.

Our Approach to DRaaS

Expertise, tools, technology, and capability to get you up and running on DRaaS quickly.

Full accountability, “no excuses” approach.

With you every step of the way, from concept through to completion.

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