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HealthTech Update – Managing Security in the IT Supply Chain

HealthTech Update – Managing Security in the IT Supply Chain with Greg Chevalier of Onepath

Hosted by Tanya Mack of Womens Telehealth and Deborah Frazier of Onepath

With the proliferation of ransomware, cryptolocker, and phishing attacks, it is hard enough to keep your practice connected and secure.  But since most practices share data and transact over the internet with other firms and business associates in the IT Supply Chain, you also need to mitigate gaps in their security posture.  As an example, Athens Orthopedic recently reported a data breach of 200,000 patient records where the hack was perpetrated through the use of a third-party vendor’s log-in credentials.

Hear the latest trends and issues on managing security and learn more about the IT Supply Chain in healthcare from Greg Chevalier, including:

  • assessing and managing security risks in healthcare,
  • evaluating your IT supply chain risk
  • best practices for implementing a layered security approach.

Plus, a simple checklist for selecting a firm to help you get started…

Onepath is the one source for all things to do with designing, deploying, and supporting technology – from the cable to the cloud.  Whether it’s supporting your users and all the devices on your network, or maintaining information security and HIPAA/FINRA/PCI compliance, helping you figure out what and how to move to the cloud, or just making your phone system work in your new office space – Onepath is the easier way to get hard things done. As a result, everyone from single provider practices to regional hospital systems turn to Onepath for their technology needs.

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