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Our Story, Our Process, Our People


1Path isn’t simply an IT provider; we’re your end to end technology partner, and we’re invested in your company’s goals and growth. We’re at the frontlines of new technology trends, and we’re experts at all components of technology integration, support, and development. Our knowledge and skills put us ahead of other MSPs, but it’s our story, process, and people that really set us apart.

Our Story

1Path began as three separate technology companies, with each providing slightly different services meant to create a holistic approach for our clients’ needs. When these companies merged, a new type of Managed Services Provider was created—one which caters to every step along your technology journey, from building a technology infrastructure to IT support & management. We provide both foundational and formative outsourced or co-managed IT services in addition to cybersecurity, data analytics, and other specialized solutions. Whatever your technology needs, we have the right people & process to ensure that you’re getting the right tools and guidance to meet—and exceed—your goals.

Our Philosophy

At 1Path, we pride ourselves on our consultative, holistic, approach to IT. As our name suggests, we believe that there is only one path that leads to true technological excellence, and we are committed to walking side by side with you every step of the way. We live and work by a code of ethics that ensures that every customer, no matter how big or how small, receives the same care and respect. And with our Core Values guiding us, 1Path provides the Accountability, Teamwork, and Integrity to deliver IT Excellence, every time.  All we can offer you is our best. Luckily for you, our best, is the best there is.

Get The Answers You Deserve

In order to best serve you, we start by asking several questions:

Once we answer these questions, we’ll align our solutions with your budget, timeline, and IT Maturity level. We’ll then offer a step-by-step plan and introduce you to your dedicated support team. This team will help answer any questions, provide timely support, and discuss ways in which your company can continue evolving. They’ll also custom tailor your solution and adapt to your changing goals.

Our People

1Path’s team includes engineers, help desk technicians, account managers… and you. When you sign on with 1Path, you’ll gain a true technology partner and become part of 1Path’s culture. Cultural alignment is important to us, and that alignment requires a certain degree of IT Maturity; our team loves nothing more than working with companies who desire to grow and evolve. We provide these companies with new, more efficient ways to complete tasks, meet their goals, and reach new heights. And because our company hires experts across every technological field, we’re able to provide for all your needs, all in one place, all through one team.

Our Commitment

With 1Path, technology worries are a thing of the past. We take the stress out of IT management, thus allowing you to focus on other business concerns. We also provide for long-term, sustainable growth, and we’re here to help you adjust to and prepare for unexpected shifts in business. Simply put, 1Path’s commitment to you is that we’re fully, unwaveringly dedicated to you and your IT needs. You’re part of our team, we want to support you, and we have the process and people to do just that. Our commitment is to address your questions, provide timely support, and discuss ways in which your company can continue evolving. They’ll also custom tailor your solution and adapt to your changing goals.



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