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From Our Community To Yours.

1Path Local is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that aims to create equitable access to education and opportunity by providing technology to communities left on the other side of the digital divide.

At 1Path Local, we believe access to technology is a right, not a privilege. Unfortunately, nearly 100 million Americans lack reliable access to a computer or the internet. This has created a significant imbalance in educational opportunities. It’s our mission to bridge this digital divide because we believe that equitable access to technology empowers people to achieve their fullest potential.

That’s one small step in tech, and one giant leap in the digital divide…

Our Contribution

We are partnering with other local organizations to help identify underprivileged teens & young adults who have limited or no access to a computer and/or internet. Then, using outdated or retired computers hardware and parts donated by 1Path clients, partners, and employee contributors, we're organizing volunteer-led events designed to teach these individuals basic tech skills like how to replace basic computer components or upgrade & install a current operating system. Best of all, at the end of each workshop, our participants are given the newly repaired computers they worked so hard on to take home as their very own!


Join us in supporting the communities in which we serve. Please reach out here if you would like to get involved with our cause.