Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers and Why You Need One

1Path is now a direct Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) with Microsoft. What this means for our customers is that we work directly with Microsoft to source and resolve issues with a client’s software, rather than first opening a support case through a secondary supplier. With better access to Microsoft’s engineers, we’re more responsive to our clients and can get issues solved in a shorter period of time.

Just as under our previous relationships, we provide provisioning, billing, and support for our customers and eliminate the need for businesses to have to deal with Microsoft directly. 

When it comes to Microsoft products, you have two options on how you would like your software delivered and managed:

Old School:

The “old school” perpetual license model (often referenced as the Open License program) involves purchasing a software license upfront (or alternatively over three years via a yearly payment) and possibly paying for software maintenance each year.  This locks a company to a commitment for a minimum number of licenses and doesn’t allow for flexibility in reducing license counts (and costs) if there is a staffing reduction.

The different perpetual licensing programs from Microsoft are geared for small, medium and enterprise organizations with different reporting requirements and features.  Key to all the programs is a long-term commitment and high upfront costs.


The “modern” approach to software licensing involves subscribing to the applications and services an organization needs. A Cloud Service Provider like 1Path can make sure you receive the benefits of the program:

  • No Upfront Billing –  Unlike perpetual licenses (where you lock yourself into a contract) sourcing license subscriptions through a CSP allows you the flexibility to only pay monthly for the software licensing that you need.  The program allows for changing the user counts (and resulting costs) as you see fit.
  • Flexibility – With a CSP you are not locked into year long contracts, so if you only need a product for a few months to complete a certain project, etc., then you are able to only use, and pay for, that product for a certain period of time.
  • Service Bundles – Microsoft has many different bundles of licenses available under the CSP program. 1Path can assist you to identify the appropriate software bundle from Microsoft that will meet your application tool and security needs.  These bundles include cost reductions based on their features.
  • Responsiveness – CSPs can activate or change license subscriptions within minutes, whereas acquiring a new license under the Open License program can take 2-4 days to source and wait for Microsoft to issue a new perpetual license.

Utilizing the Microsoft CSP program through 1Path allows customers the flexibility, savings, and responsiveness around change management to adapt to the evolving tech landscape. 1Path can assist with identifying the appropriate software subscriptions under the CSP program to meet your needs in a cost effective manner.