Optimizing your cloud to be more manageable and responsive can benefit your business.

Why Choose 1Path?

Our consultative approach addresses your data challenges by creating customized, comprehensive solutions. Working with 1Path gives you access to certified professionals with industry experience who can optimize your cloud spending, performance, and scalability, allowing your business to keep pace with growing demands.

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Public Cloud

Leverage the scalability and flexibility of our public cloud services to power your applications and streamline your operations, with reliable performance and cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs.


Private Cloud

Guarantee the maximum control and security for your data and applications with our private cloud, providing dedicated resources and customizable infrastructure for your organization's unique requirements.


Microsoft 365

Empower your workforce with the comprehensive stack of productivity and cloud tools offered through the Microsoft 365 suite of services, improving collaboration, communication, and efficiency.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Safeguard your critical data and minimize downtime with our robust backup and disaster recovery solutions, providing reliable protection and swift recovery in the face of unforeseen disruptions or disasters.


Colocation Services

Optimize your IT infrastructure with our colocation services, leveraging secure and resilient data centers to house your equipment and benefit from high-speed connectivity and expert support.



Transform your end-user experience with our Desktop-as-a-Service solution utilizing secure, scalable, and easily accessible virtual desktops that enable productivity from anywhere, on any device.

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