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IT and the Employee Experience: 1Path CTO Weighs In

Group of employees sit at work station. They're all happy and having a good employee experience.

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Last week, 1Path CTO Patrick Kinsella was cited in an article about IT and employee experience (EX). The article, which was published by CIO, argued that employee experience is fundamental to good business. In turn, good IT is integral to positive EX.

Though most of the C-suite believes they’re utilizing the best IT for their employees, half of those employees think otherwise. Additionally, younger workers prioritize good IT when choosing to work for a company. And as this young workforce continues to grow, good IT will only become more valuable.

Why is IT so Important to my Employees?

Most employees use over a dozen apps a day. If these apps aren’t working correctly, employees will waste time and energy fighting them. Conversely, companies that provide smooth, effective IT will help employees produce quicker, better results. As an added bonus, employees at these companies feel more valued, simply because they’re getting the tech they need to do their jobs. 

How Can I Measure Employee Experience?

CIO’s article covers several ways to gauge employee experience via different technologies and surveys. By using these resources, you’ll better understand what IT your employees use on a daily basis, what battles they’re facing, and how you can best provide for their needs. Sometimes, these needs aren’t obvious, and one of these surveys or tools will help expose them. Other times, the severity of a known issue will become more apparent, which will help you decide how best to handle it. 

How Can I Improve Employee Experience?

Education is the first step to improving EX. And for that reason, reading the article in its entirety is a smart way to improve your own. As Kinsella discusses, optimizing and streamlining IT use has multiple benefits for employees. And when IT improves, EX improves, which means improvement for your overall business.




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