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IT Maturity Level: 1Path’s President Provides Insight

Business people look at computer and celebrate their high IT Maturity Level.

1Path is proud to share that our President, Luca Jacobellis, was recently featured on Toolbox. His article “5 Ways Service Providers Can Gauge a Client’s IT Maturity Level,” discusses 5 key components of IT Maturity, including organization levels and leadership. Understanding these components is essential to any MSP-client relationship. By correctly gauging IT Maturity, an MSP can better align its resources and services with client goals. Additionally, an MSP will be able to determine if they’re the right fit for a client’s needs. 

Why is it Important to Know Your Client’s IT Maturity Level?

If a client and service provider have vastly different IT Maturity levels, their relationship suffers. Either the MSP won’t be able to keep up with client needs or the client will require too much time and energy. As Jacobellis says, “Often, the only way to prevent this situation from becoming a drag on your business is to exit such customers… this level of business maturity will enable you to focus on existing customers whose IT maturity aligns with yours.”

Even if a service provider and client worked well together in the past, IT Maturity can change over time. Thus, reassessing IT Maturity is fundamental to ensuring a positive MSP-client relationship. And while no one ever wants to end such a relationship, sometimes, it’s for the best. The MSP will have more time and resources for other clients, and the client will get the level of support they need. 

How Can I Increase My IT Maturity Level?

Higher IT Maturity levels mean higher levels of success. And one facet of IT Maturity is constantly trying to learn more about it. Fortunately, 1Path has several articles devoted to understanding and nurturing IT Maturity. And if you want to learn even more about growing IT Maturity, take a look at our ebook




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