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Multi-Factor Authentication: 1Path CTO Discusses MFA Benefits

Woman happily sits at computer, glad to have multi-factor authentication.

1Path is proud to share that our CTO, Patrick Kinsella, was recently featured on His article, “Making the Move to Multi-Factor Authentication,” discusses several reasons why companies should invest in MFA. However, he also warns that current multi-factor authentication marketing tactics don’t do MFA justice; instead of focusing solely on the security afforded by MFA, we need to start discussing its ease of use. 

The Evolution of Multi-Factor Authentication

In the past, MFA was a cumbersome tool, and it required that you carry a token with you at all times. But in recent years, MFA has become even easier to use than traditional passwords. However, many business owners still fear MFA, and this fear largely stems from the tool’s lackluster marketing. As Kinsella says, multi-factor authentication is presented as “a security necessity we should invest in, whether we like it or not.”

Certainly, MFA will help your organization become safer. But when it comes to cybersecurity, abiding by best practices and improving safety should be a given. The ease of use afforded by MFA is what sets it apart from the pack. And when partnered with single-sign on, multi-factor authentication becomes even easier.  

MFA Buy-In

In order to get a company invested in MFA, it helps to have C-level support. Highlighting statistics about MFA’s ease of use and value can also be helpful. Additionally, working with an experienced partner–like an MSP–can make the implementation process even easier from start to finish.  

MFA is a worthwhile tool. It’s simple to use, effective at improving security, and a valuable asset to any company.  If you’re considering implementing MFA into your business, read more about how it can help you here. And if you’ve already taken this step and want to learn more about cybersecurity, take a look at our other articles




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