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TAG Summit: 1Path Proudly Attends as MSP of Choice

Jon Ulrich smiles behind 1Path booth, happy to be attending the TAG Summit.

On March 3-4, 2020, 1Path was honored to attend the TAG Summit as the featured app sponsor. TAG which stands for the Technology Association of Georgia, is the largest tech association in Georgia. And many of its 34,000 members attended the Summit in order to engage, innovate, and transform.  

“TAG gives you real time exposure to some of the newer, successful technologies in our Atlanta market,” said Matt Payne, Senior Account Executive at 1Path. “We get to see what’s sticking and what’s actually moving the market. Whether point solutions, financial tools, data analytics – it gives us a pulse on what the market is interested in.”

“People get the opportunity to see what others in the market are doing around tech,” added Jon Ulrich, Business Development Representative at 1Path. “They also have the chance to network with people, benefit one another, and open their doors to different opportunities.”

TAG Summit Events

The day began with Keynote Speaker Duncan Wardle, who formerly headed Disney’s Innovation & Creativity Department. Wardle spoke of the need to prioritize client pain points as opposed to money-making opportunities. He also focused on the importance of diversity in tech, which encourages different ways of thinking. His fellow Keynote Speakers, Will McIntosh and Mallory Weggemann, brought up similar themes throughout the day.

Along with these speeches, attendees enjoyed breakout panels on a wide variety of topics, including cybersecurity, smart cars, and sports sciences. They were also able to mingle at booths (including 1Path’s own, which featured a prize wheel). These booths allowed tech leaders to mingle and learn more about one another’s companies and tech solutions.

“A lot of innovation and tech isn’t necessarily people coming up with something brand new,” said Nichole Dennis, 1Path Account Executive. “It’s improving something already out there. And in order to do that, you need to know what’s out there. Coming together with tech professionals and learning about their successes and mistakes helps move the whole industry along.”

“What an exciting day networking and learning with all of the impressive people at the TAG event!” said Luca Jacobellis, President of 1Path. “Being new to the Atlanta area, I really enjoyed getting connected with the community of professionals and hearing about trends in the market and making new relationships. I particularly was excited to see how 1Path was positioned at the event with booth presence as well as within the mobile app that all attendees were using. The interaction for 1Path was phenomenal!” 

What’s Next for TAG and 1Path?

All in all, TAG’s Summit achieved what it set out to do: attendees learned more about the industry, met other tech leaders, and discovered ways to grow and develop their companies. 1Path was proud to be part of such a successful event, and we were especially proud to announce 1Path as TAG’s MSP of Choice and trusted partner for 2020. As our partnership with TAG continues, we look forward to working with other tech leaders, developing ideas, and growing our reach throughout the community.




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