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Advantages of IP Based Nurse Call Systems

The hospital administrator is looking through healthcare information files.

Increase Productivity and Streamline Patient Care

Healthcare facilities and caregivers throughout the nation are exploring ways to provide increased patient satisfaction while attempting to keep overall healthcare cost down. In other words trying to do more for less. This is a challenge that hospitals, nursing homes, out-patient clinics and doctors’ offices have struggled with for years.

Let’s face it, the largest generation (baby boomers) are reaching the senior years. The pressure to provide better healthcare at a lower cost is an issue our country faces on a daily basis.

Manufactures, software providers and healthcare integrators are constantly looking for solutions that solve some of these challenges. Part of the solution is to provide caregivers and clinicians the tools and technology that enables them to provide better, quicker and more effective patient care thus making for a better patient experience.

In hospitals and acute care facilities, IP based Nurse Call Systems can help streamline communications between patient and caregiver through mobile devices that provide instant notifications and conversations, thus saving precious time and concern for both. With wireless technology Rapid Response Teams are more prepared to ensure a timely response to an emergency situation.

Utilizing Nurse Call work flow stations also enhances a caregiver’s ability to eliminate wasted time and extra steps within or across departments or specialties. For patient admission/discharge, the workflow station means waiting patients are placed into beds sooner and when ready to go home are discharged quicker. This provides improved bed turnover and increased patient satisfaction.

Doctors’ offices and out-patient clinics face the same issues, trying to provide quick service and increase patient satisfaction. An IP based Clinic Nurse Call system aids in this effort by prioritizing clinicians, patients, and procedures for streamlined workflows and increased patient throughput. With this technology, bottlenecks are readily identified and can be addressed before affecting patient satisfaction.

We have all experienced, either at a doctor’s office visit or during a hospital stay, the feeling that the process is slow. With the above mentioned systems, we provide the healthcare facilities and caregivers’ solutions that can increase productivity and streamline patient care.




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