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AVaaS: 1Path’s Survey Reveals Key Audiovisual Trends

Five employees speak to their manager and coworkers via a web conference, utilizing AVaaS to easily connect. There are also several graphs on screen.


1Path is pleased to announce the results of our recent AV survey. We conducted this survey to better understand current AV and AVaaS trends across SMBs, and we’ve compiled our key findings below:

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Main Findings about AV and AVaaS

One notable finding is the frequency with which companies rely on AV. Most companies use AV daily, and the most widely used AV tools include web-based video, video monitors, and projectors. The majority of companies use AV to show presentations, connect with remote workers, and increase productivity. However, bad AV setups can actually harm productivity, and most employees experience AV issues on a weekly basis. 

Common AV Issues

For the majority of companies, AV issues are a main cause of wasted meetings. In fact, the average monthly time loss from these meetings is 6-10 hours, which can quickly add up over time. Some of the most common AV issues include problems with WiFi, web, cloud, and Bluetooth. Another common complaint is the inability to see/hear everyone on audiovisual conferences. The third most commonly cited complaint is a lack of people who can deal with these issues, showing why AVaaS is so important to AV maintenance and support. 

How Can AVaaS Help my Company?

AV as a service (AVaaS) is a surefire way to ensure your company has the best functioning, most up-to-date AV. Whether you need boardrooms, huddle rooms, or other solutions, an MSP can help you. While ineffective AV leads to ineffective meetings, good AV will lead to more engagement and better participation. And if you want the best AV possible, you deserve the support of the best MSP.

For more information about our AV offerings, take a look here. And if you want to reach out to 1Path directly, we can be reached via our Contact page.  




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