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Digital Signage Solutions: 5 Benefits for Small and Medium Businesses

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On your way to work, you passed several signs advertising hotels and restaurants. And when you head back, you’ll probably see several more for museums, gas stations, and retail stores. Nowadays, these signs are basically everywhere, and the ones that stick out have three things in common: they’re unique, they’re company-specific, and more often than not, they’re completely digital.   

Digital signage solutions are a constantly growing modern advertising medium. They’ve quickly replaced traditional signs made from wood or plastic, and they sport unique features like scrolling text and animated characters. Sometimes, they proudly display a business’s name and location. Other times, they’ll list a new product or service offering. But whatever they’re displaying, they’re making an impact: with digital signage solutions, it’s difficult not to.  

If you’re considering getting digital signage of your own, it’s important to know how to utilize it. For this reason, we’ve created a list of traits that put digital signage a step above traditional signs.  

From their customizable features to their eco-friendly design, here are 5 benefits of digital signage solutions: 

1. Timely, Company-Specific Communication 

Digital signage can display pretty much whatever you want. Some options include the time and outdoor temperature or an update about your company’s annual holiday party. You can also use certain signs for internal news and others for client-facing news. For example, your break room display board might mention a new company goal, whereas your lobby display board could say “Welcome” and feature your company’s logo. Signage within the office is especially useful–it will keep your employees updated about company events, goals, and general news.  

Your display board can be updated constantly, and you can include multiple videos, images, and quotes. In fact, the reusability of these signs means they’re ideal for various occasions and locations, and it makes them a greener choice than traditional signs.  

2. Digital Signage is Eco-Friendly 

Instead of printing out the same information over and over again on fliers, you can send that information to your display boards. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about keeping paper signs around for months and deciding how to store them. Through digital signage, this information can be retired and reused, repetitively, with a simple click of a button. In this way, you’ll save on time, trees, and ink, which means you’re saving on money, too.   

3. Digital Signage is an Investment

The upfront costs of digital signage can be high, but their reusability makes them worth it. Older marketing techniques took far more time and crafting, and printing could quickly grow pricey. Even wooden and metal signs had short shelf-lives, since their information couldn’t be updated. Once the events they were marketing ended, their usefulness to the company ended, too.    

Besides cutting down on costs, digital signage solutions can also bring in business. In fact, 76% of consumers have entered a business due to its signage, with 75% telling friends about the company because of its sign. Of course, for that reason, it’s important that your signs impress and say exactly what you want them to say. Fortunately, this isn’t hard to do; their customization capabilities make it easy to get the exact visuals your company needs. 

4. Highly Customizable Options

Digital signs allow you to show what you want, when you want. You can feature holiday-specific messaging, client-facing messaging, or a mixture of different messages. If you want to show videos, you can show videos. If you want videos and graphics, you can combine those, too. Digital signage solutions allow you to show off your imagination, and they inform viewers about not only your company’s news, but also, its personality. Best of all, they market your company in a way that’s memorable, current, and eye-catching.   

5. Digital Signage Grabs and Keeps Attention

There’s something about digital displays that we just like. It’s the “Ohh shiny” factor that makes us stare at sleek cars and architecture. And because the display itself is already impressive, you can make your messaging as simple or intricate as you want. (Of course, we’re fans of going all out… but for certain messages, less means more).  

Digital signage solutions are here to stay. Their usefulness is undeniable, and their popularity is only increasing. All companies can benefit from signage, and the most beneficial signage is digital. In fact, we wish we could put this article on a giant digital sign, because it would make it even more memorable!  

If you’re thinking of updating your company’s marketing strategy, take a look at 1Path’s digital signage solutions, as well as our other AV offerings.   




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