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Cybersecurity Awareness Month Master List–Treat, Not Trick

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October is the month to carve pumpkins, pick out Halloween costumes, and curl up with some scary movies. But there’s something even scarier than ghouls or vampires—cyberattacks—and all the garlic in the world can’t protect you from a cybersecurity attack. For that reason, October isn’t just about celebrating Halloween; it’s also about learning and implementing cybersecurity best practices. And in the spirit of cybersecurity awareness month, 1Path has compiled a Master List of our best cybersecurity articles.  

If you want tips for avoiding a breach, check out our list. And if you need articles about recovering from a breach, we have those, too. From MFA to SSO and cybersecurity training, learn about the technology and best practices that can protect your company from serious risks down the line. And check back daily for more links from our vault (and entirely new articles about cybersecurity maturity, specific threats, and more!). 

Cybersecurity Essentials

You can’t increase your cybersecurity posture without first having a sound foundation. Here are some cybersecurity essentials, including standard terminology.

Ways to Avoid a Breach 

Preventing a breach entirely is always the goal. That’s why the following articles focus on ways to fortify your organization and protect your information. From email best practices to workplace security, these articles focus on active measures you can take to be cyber-secure.  

Recovering from a Breach 

Sometimes, something as simple as clicking the wrong link or letting the wrong person into your building can result in a breach. While this situation is never ideal, a quick, targeted response can mitigate damage and restore information. The following articles tackle ways to respond to cybersecurity breaches.  

Business Continuity 

Business continuity plans can protect your business after all kinds of disruptions, including cybersecurity attacks. By having a timeline and knowing what to prioritize, you can save your business time and money while better protecting your assets.   

Cyber Insurance 

Cyber insurance can’t stop a breach, but it can help protect assets in the unfortunate event that one transpires. There’s no standardized version of cyber insurance, so make sure you’re familiar with the different options and what they provide.  

Compliance Issues and Cybersecurity 

Different fields have different compliance concerns, but ultimately, cybersecurity culture can help your business stay safe. From HIPPA to PCI DSS, here’s what you need to know about staying compliant.

Cybersecurity Maturity 

A truly safe company is constantly reevaluating its security posture. These companies understand that cybersecurity is a leadership issue, and they make cybersecurity a part of their culture.

Holiday Cybersecurity

The holidays have some unique cybersecurity risks. If you’re about to hit an important date, now’s the time to brush up on fundamental components of cybersecurity awareness. 

The survivors at the end of a horror movie usually know a thing or two about fighting monsters. Sure, some of them last thanks to dumb luck or plot armor, but the majority need to learn how to kill a zombie or exorcise a ghost. Similarly, you can’t stop a cybersecurity threat without being well-informed. So, consider this your monster manual to fighting cybersecurity attacks. And remember to check back frequently for more new articles!




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